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What Others Are Saying...
Who is Mike Kemski and why should you listen to him?
Mike Kemski, in his own words is...
"I'm an average, regular guy who discovered a set a universal principles that work to create any kind of change in life anyone wants to see.  Not because I'm any more awesome than anyone else, but because I had to. It was either that or die and it wasn't my time to die just yet..."

But when you ask other people who Mike Kemski is, you get an entirely different answer:

"Mikes not human! No human being can be that "connected" to the invisible stuff that surrounds us! He can see, or more like feel into your soul and can explain how you feel in detail better than most people can for themselves! If it wasn't so damn easy to trust him, it would be creepy..." ~ Kris Y.

"Mike Kemski is one of the most humble men I've ever met. With his amazing and unique ability to take complex situations and problems and break them down into the most simple elements for ANYTHING you throw at him, your life just gets better from being around the guy but he brushes it off, ALWAYS! Take a little credit dude!" ~ Blake S.

"Mike's a man who really has no idea how much influence and power he has in other peoples lives." ~ Claire M.

"The funny thing about Mike is, he's an extraordinary man but just a "normal everyday guy". He's my friend and I've known him for over 20  years but there is just something about being around him that no one can really put their finger on. People instantly trust him with their deepest secrets, and he has a way of just getting right to peoples core of their heart and disarming all the bullshit in seconds but, he doesn't try to do it, in fact, he isn't even aware he's doing it! He's got problems and frustrations in life like everyone else but he's also got this amazing "thing" about him that no one can really explain. He sees things from a different plane or dimension or something... People just want to be part of his life, and for good reason." ~ Tim E.

"Mike's everything! He's one of the nicest, generous, kindest people I've ever met but at the same time he's a guy that no one would ever want to get into a scrap with because you can tell there's a super tough fighter in there, LOL! He's incredibly connected to the energy around him and even influences it but he's hardly aware of that fact. He's got this feed of wisdom that flows through him but he's so humble about it, he rarely acknowledges it. He's just all around an amazing guy who created an amazing but ridiculously simple system around a set of universal principles that he openly claims he "didn't' invent or create but simply discovered stuff that was already there" that he says is common knowledge and that all of us already know. But the way he explains it makes that common knowledge have value, power, and become very useful in your life." ~ Nicole P.

"Mike is a man who sees the greatness in others but not himself. I'm not sure if that's what creates his humility (to a fault at times) or if it hinders his ability to help people even more but regardless, one thing is certain, Mike's a special human being who adds something to every persons he touches." ~ Roger B.
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